Channel Management

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Channel Management is a time saving tool for your hotel. It is a web-based system utilised by hotel revenue managers to maintain rate and availability distribution across numerous third-party sales channels simultaneously. In addition to time saved, this tool will also ensure rate parity is achieved across the hotelier’s entire portfolio of revenue streams. There are two methods for managing rates and inventory. Most conventional channel management companies utilise screen scraping for adjustment of rates and inventory. This is a manual process whereby the system logs into your OTA channels with logins and passwords to make rate and inventory changes just like a human user would do. This method has limitations in how many rate attributes can be changed and in ensuring that logins and passwords remain relevant. OTA and CRS companies are pushing back on this method because of the enormous strain they place on servers that hold hotelier’s data. ResNet World, through its partner Sabre Hospitality, have bypassed conventional a screen scraping and interface directly to the OTA channel. This increases reliability and provides increased flexibility in managing detailed rate attributes. With ResNet World hoteliers have the option of signing up to our preferred Direct Connect product or to interface their existing channel management solution to our system.

What does channel management do?

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