What Is OTAStream and its Benefits


The OTAStream, offered by SynXis Central Reservations, includes a live connection to OTAs that automatically syncs the latest information such as products, rates, and rooms in real-time.

What are the features and benefits?

Syncing is automated

  • The latest updates and information on rates, room, and content get updated with OTAs in real-time.
  • You save a lot of time and effort
  • Manual updating and effort are greatly reduced. Coordination via spreadsheets or extranet is not required.
  • Precision and accuracy increases
  • With constant connection and configuration between OTAs and your CRS, there is a sharp increase in accuracy.

What information can you sync?

-Expedia Traveler Preference sync, as well as other business models and value, adds

-Sync with booking.com on maximum room occupancy, room type name, smoking preferences, meal plans, room amenities, and cancellation policy.

-Occupancies in the room along with child count, ages, and extra child fees

-Accessibility in rooms, preferences for smoking and views

-Maximum of two categories of bedding per room

-Amenities for the rooms

-Cancellation policies

-Stay dates and selling rates

For more information on OTAStream contact info@resnetworld.com


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