How to Effectively Use the OTA Activation Wizard

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The OTA Channel Activation Wizard is an easy, self-service procedure for hotels to fill in any missing gaps and procure the latest information on and update OTA channels in the Control Center of SynXis CR.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1

Step 1

Begin your journey in the Wizard Dashboard:

-After logging into to control center – go to Setup>Channels>OTA Channel Activation and Management then click on “Activate New Channel.” You can select a new channel from the dropdown.

-If you’d like, you could also choose an existing channel to update from the dashboard.

Step 2


Add Products

You can add products with three options; Add from Rate Template, Add Daily Rate, and Assign Products. We recommend the “Add from Rate Template”, as this is the safest, fastest method, and is also populated from before with default OTA rates codes and characteristics.

Step 3


Add Missing Information

You could either copy/paste information from a spreadsheet into the CR or write it directly.

Step 4

Review and Submit

Submitting will send an email to the OTS team or to your specific contact as sent to you by the chain admin.

For more information on OTA Activation Wizard contact

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