10 Recovery Planning Distribution and Channel Optimization Strategies For Hoteliers


As the hospitality industry starts to gain momentum once again, there are certain steps every hotelier should be aware of. Here are 10 suggested strategies for distribution and channel optimization in terms of recovery planning.

Keep your property open and ready on all distribution channels

While a physical opening is also a priority, distribution channels need to be kept open too. Ensure that your availability is up to date and that bookings are possible through every channel.

Update your collateral 

If you had closed your hotel during the pandemic, make sure to remove all messaging alluding to this from your website and other channels. Clearly state that you are open.

Keep track of your media plan

Your media plan should involve how you plan to reach out to customers, and their preferences. For example, nowadays, customers might prefer staying close to their homes in your target city or driving to their destination. If you would need more recommendations reach out to info@resnetworld.com for tailored GDS solutions in your market.

Have another look at your product offering strategy

Keep an eye out on your competitors’ rates, policies, promotions, and products offered. Swaying travel trends along with demand would have changed how the market works. Rates might not be the only factor anymore, and you should figure out a way to stand out.

Revamp cancellation policies

The pandemic has spurred uncertainty, therefore having flexible cancellation policies might be a better option to keep up with the competition.

Make sure that top account and partner rates are available

Double-check your top accounts, meta partners, and most important OTAs, making sure that each is updated correctly and bookable on their channels.

Update your content in-line with health and safety protocol

Make sure that health and safety policies and procedures are the same throughout all your communication channels and also in your property. Those who use SynXis CR can follow the following steps to update their content:

1) Setup > Channels > GDS > Marketing Messages

2) Setup > Data Management > Descriptions > Property Description Typical

Staff training is also essential.

Evaluate the market data in hand

Keep track of data and insights derived by them to stay on top of your game during these uncertain times. It is essential to help you prepare for recovery.

Keep in constant touch with your OTA partners, travel agencies and consortia

Make sure to reach out regularly to all your partners and update them about cleaning policies, public area protocols, check-in procedures, newer policies, luggage handling, touchless transactions, loyalty status and extensions, commissions, special rates, and more.

Take a long look at your distribution strategy as a whole

You will need to weigh the importance of all your channels in terms of recovery. This involves removing your pre-conceived notions about your distribution preferences and beliefs. You need to get to the root of the customer’s current and evolving needs. It’s important to include the booking engine in this re-evaluation, as experts have seen 100% growth of active users on the platform.

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