Covid19 and What You Should be Doing

It goes without saying that we are all going through a difficult time.  Not just for hoteliers but for the world as a whole. It is important to remember that we will all get through this and that there is reason to believe that this will be a shorter-term issue that has the potential to correct itself by mid to end of summer.  The situation is fluid and changes daily. After much research and communication with our global partners we advise the following:

1) Rate is not the problem:  Lowering your rates will not promote large scale bookings.  You should be looking at your lowest tier pricing but that decision should be based on your normal day to day revenue management strategies. If at all possible avoid going lower than what you would normally go on rates. Rate recovery takes time and if you lower your rates too much you may find yourself slow to recover on the same which may reduce your revenue potential once bookings get back to normal.

2) Focus on hygiene and property sanitisation:  This is what you should be focusing on in your sales efforts. Add a temporary note to your website that clearly mentions the precautions you are taking to sanitise your hotel to protect guests from the virus. Add very short notes to your room descriptions that address the same. Follow the recommendations of your local health officials/offices on what they are recommending people to do to protect themselves from the virus. Have information at your front desk available to all guests who check-in.

3) Don’t panic – you are not alone:  The challenges you are having now are not unique to you.  You are not doing anything wrong. Travellers are affected. You as hoteliers are affected. Suppliers like ourselves are affected.  We as a global community are all experiencing the same challenges.  Now is a time where you should stay the course. This pandemic will pass. Once it has passed we as an industry will study the impact it has had on our industry and we will learn from it to be better prepared for such occurrences in the future.

We will surely share any major updates we get in the future.  Our best-educated approach to this at the moment is that bookings will continue to suffer through April.  The industry is optimistic that bookings will pick up in May with hopes of getting back to normal during the summer with substantial recovery by summer’s end. Keep a close eye and be ready to maximise your revenue opportunities over the summer.

ResNet World is strong.  We are staying fully staffed through this and we are here for you in regards to system support just like normal.  If you need anything please do let us know. Please email:

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