Why You Should Be Using Chatbots for Your Hotel


It’s the new generation and with every new generation comes new demands. Chat Bots are the rising trend in the industry. These are automated chat bubbles that pop-up on websites and give customers the impression that they are chatting with a friend.

Consumers widely use Messengers– be it Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and more. Today’s consumer is used to finding information fast and easily. Chatbots are an easy outlet for consumers to do this.

Let’s find out why you should be using this new technology:

  • Finding information is easier, and bookings increase

As we had mentioned before, finding information through Chatbots is easy and effective. But why? There is always google, right?

The thing is, consumers would rather be given information first-hand rather than search ten different options. For example, one of our employees recently needed to book a safari in South Africa. Although she searched for several options, a Chatbot opened up on only one tour company’s website. The chat bot was uber-realistic, and she got chatting with the company – and ultimately booked with them, even though the price difference was minimal.

Since finding out information became far easier, our employee went with the company that gave her specialized service. As such, bookings increase for the company.

  • Data collection

Chatbots provide an additional outlet for to companies collect information on the market apart from website cookies. Questions that are often asked, past responses, why a customer does not book and more can be analysed. This can help shape the future responses of these Chatbots and help companies provide better services and create marketing campaigns that specifically targeted.

  • Upselling

While customers enquire about your hotel, Chatbots provide a good opportunity to upsell directly to them – based on their needs. The best part the Chatbot is conversational and it won’t seem too aggressive and sales oriented. The Chatbot can casually suggest upgrades to a customer.

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