Is your Hotel Mobile-Friendly?

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Today’s traveller wants it all. They need to access everything from their fingertips at all times. This is especially true for business travellers and millennials. In fact, seven in 10 millennial business travellers prefer the tools that they use for their business trips to include self-service components, according to a study conducted by Sabre and in Partnership with GBTA.

However, another survey by Business Travel News has revealed that only 40% of companies offer mobile expense filling or air travel booking. There is a disconnect between the customer’s needs and the company policies.

As hoteliers, you need to be mindful of what your customers require. Here are three ways through which you can become more mobile-friendly.

  • Check your website

Hoteliers have often lost out on potential customers because they haven’t ensured that their websites are travel-friendly. Google PageSpeed Insights will give you a good idea of the overall website performance.

  • Be engaging

Today’s millennial traveller expects information to be readily available. A great way to engage with this generation is through social media campaigns. Posting up pictures, offers and viral ad campaigns can boost up the general awareness of your hotel.

  • Free Wi-Fi

In today’s day and age, most travellers want to be perpetually connected to the internet. As such, it is up to you to make the right choice and provide free Wi-Fi. In fact, if you do not provide complimentary basic Wi-Fi, it could create a poor impression on your customer and could hamper their retention. Free Wi-Fi also allows the traveller to share pictures of your hotel onto their own social media channels.

We hope that these tips will help you create a more mobile-friendly experience for your customer.


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