How to Write a Proper Answer to a Guest Review on TripAdvisor


Responding to review on TripAdvisor can be tricky. Whether they are positive or negative, you need to write them out in a proper manner. After all, these reviews are presented on a public platform and how you respond to your customers is a direct representation of your level of service.

Here are some tips from ResNet World, on how to properly respond to a review:

  1. Be personal

Several hotels use templates repeatedly for replying to reviews, especially positive reviews. This often makes the customer feel that they are not special. We understand that responding to reviews can be time-consuming. Therefore, you could customize your pre-existing templates based on the review and situation. Try using words that are already in the customer’s review as a part of your response so that they will feel that you are paying attention to their personal needs.

2. Thank them for their time to review

Not every customer will take the time out to review and share their experience, therefore it is important that you thank them for taking the time out to do this. This even applies to positive reviews.

3. Be Sincere

In an online review, you need to sound sincere and the best way to do that is to actually have a sincere attitude towards solving a customer’s problems. It is advisable to mention ways in which you can address the problem so that potential guests are aware that you are trying to rectify it.

4. Do not be offensive

While responding to a review, you need to try your level best to not offend the reviewer. There may be reviewers from cultures that you are not aware of. It is the hotel’s prerogative to come up with guidelines on how to respond to multi-cultural guests in a non-offensive manner. A bad review could lead to a PR disaster. Always take the time to proof-read your reviews.

5. Tackle all issues mentioned in the review

There might be more than one issue in the review. Take your time to tackle each problem one-by-one and in order. Don’t leave anything out as that may give the impression that you don’t have a solution for the left out problem.

We hope that these tips can help you write proper reviews for TripAdvisor and more!

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