Speed Matters. A Fast Website and Booking Engine Are the Key to Higher Conversions

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In the age of the Internet, the average attention span is short. The simplest of solutions could spike your revenue, and speed up your website is one of them. Here are some reasons why you need to work with a team to do this:

Better user experience

A faster website will eventually result in a better user experience for the potential guest. If pages load faster, they are less likely to close your tab and search for someone else. It also becomes easier for the guest to check multiple options within your website.

Google search rankings

Website speed and user experience are two important factors that could boost your Google search ranking. As you know, your search engine ranking is incredibly important for you to stand out. Better engagement and conversions. There is even a tool – Google Page Speed Insights – that lets you analyse your page speed based on performance and even gives you suggestions on how to improve it.

Better engagement

So, if more of your potential audience stays on your website instead of going to a competitor’s, you can imagine the increase in engagement and conversions! If you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, which customer would want to stay on a website which has delays?

Significant increase in Revenue

Recently, Amazon tested out site speed to figure out the impact on revenue. They changed the load time of their site by 100-millisecond increments and tested it different versions with each other. They discovered that a 0.1-second increase in speed lifted up the revenue by 1%. They also calculated that a 1-second drop in revenue could lead to a 1.6 billion dollar loss in sales. As you can see, website speed matters a whole lot!

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