Digital Trends That Will Spell the Future of Travel


The travel industry is constantly evolving and the entire process is heavily shrinking. A few decades ago, aeroplanes didn’t exist. Now we have advanced aeroplane technology with more improvements to come.
So what are some of the top tech trends in travel? Let’s find out.

1) Digital Passports
Passports are a pivotal part of travel as the play a huge role in security and immigration. But everyone has had the experience of standing for a long time in immigration lines. Well, within a few years we might see physical passports be wiped out altogether, only to be replaced by digital passports in the form of biometrics and facial recognition systems.

2) Smart suggestions
We are already noticing a rise in smart marketing through social media. When you browse through your timeline, you might see something that catches your eye because you are interested in travel and adventure. Specific targeting is only going to improve in the coming years, especially with the advent of virtual reality, the experience will become better.

3) Self-driving cars
This tech has already been out for some time, but we see it becoming mainstream. We all know the pains of reaching a new location and not knowing the directions. Self-driving cars seem to be a key facet of the future car rental business.

4) Hyper-Fast rail travel
Hyper-fast and inter-country rail travel could change the face of the travel industry entirely. Fast travel would also result in cheaper travel. We are excited to see how this will unfold.

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