Unique Stories of Customer Loyalty


Customer service is a huge part of the hospitality industry. Most hotels display a fair amount of customer service, but some hotels take it up a notch. They provide unique services that the customer remembers and talks about with their acquaintances. These instances can lead to customer loyalty and associating great memories with your brand.

Recently, one of our associates had gone on a trip abroad alone. She was a solo woman traveller, and there are certain reservations about travelling alone in such a scenario. When she checked in the hotel staff made her feel comfortable and safe. However, at ten o’clock at night, a hotel staff suddenly knocked on her door.

She was afraid and nearly didn’t open the door. Eventually she thought better of it and opened the door. The staff in question was holding a bowl with a goldfish inside! They said that since she was alone the goldfish will be her companion. This left a deep impression on her and she actually communicated with the goldfish. Needless to say, she left rave reviews for the hotel.

Another hotel effectively used social media to induce customer loyalty. They would check the accounts of some guests (if they were public) and figure out their interests. After this, they would offer free gifts to these guests depending on their interests.

For example, if the guests were into sports cars, then they would be offered a free certificate to drive a Ferrari for a day. If they were into hiking, they would be offered the best eco-tours. In case they were into food, they would be given vouchers to a great restaurant in town. In turn, these guests would post about the hotel on social media and increase their visibility.

Finally, a hotel in the Middle East region realized that adults are not the only customers. They wanted to ensure that the whole family is included in the fun. For this reason, they created customized items specifically for children.

From tiny bathroom slippers and bathrobes to colouring books, they ensured that little guests were entertained. They even had a customized kids menu and special play areas for children.

These are a few examples on how a small change and attention to detail can increase customer loyalty and propagate brand awareness.


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