Tools for Upselling Products


Consumers have a lot of choices these days. The hospitality industry is filled with a plethora of deals and discounts. One such way to tap into this audience is by upselling products. But how can you upsell based on the specific needs of the customer?

Our upselling tools provide the perfect framework for you. Through data and analytics we are able to provide a clear understanding on what your customers are looking for and for what they will pay for. We also boast expertise in user experience and will present these products in an eye-catching manner.

How do we do this? By analysing real-time data and using predictive analytics to come up with intelligent decisions. We offer various upsells – for example – discounts on extended stays or room upgrades depending on the ability and what the guest is able to pay.

Through this technology we are able to create a meaningful dialogue with the customer that can create a strong base for loyalty and repeat bookings.

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