What to Expect from Your CRS Provider


A CRS provider is an important lifeline for a hotel. Your major activities and transactions are usually conducted online and it’s pivotal for you to have a system that records these activities and does several functions on your behalf.

It can get confusing to choose the right CRS provider. You have to ask yourself certain questions. Is this provider giving value for money? Are they delivering what is expected? Will they provide you with quality service? Therefore, we have combined a list of minimal requirements that you should expect when choosing one.

  1. Functions performed on your behalf

CRS providers are expected to be your backbone and guiding technology for online reservations and bookings. As such, several functions are to be done on behalf of the hotelier. Your CRS provider should load your properties onto the system in an efficient manner.

  1. Convenience in billing

A CRS provider should bill on checkout date and not on the booked date. They should also have an online reconciliation feature and provide multiple forms of payment, including an online billing feature.

  1. Policies and training

CRS providers should offer a flexible contract. You should be able to stay as long as you are happy with the service. Your CRS provider should also impart training to the staff as and when required over a phone-call or video session. Most CRS providers do not provide personalized training and mainly impart it through videos online.

  1. A dedicated Revenue Architect team

The revenue architect is in charge of after sales support and planning out your strategy ahead.

A CRS provider should offer:

  1. Monthly rate parity monitoring
  2. Monitoring of availability and rate seasons
  3. Monitoring periods of low e-distribution production and recommending areas for improvement
  4. Monthly in-depth breakdown of your property’s production

There you have it. This is what should be minimally expected by CRS providers.

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