The New Age of Customer Loyalty


For decades hoteliers have tried effective customer loyalty strategies that will tie their customers to their brand. Nowadays, it seems as though price is one of the main factors when travellers decide on their hotels. Another important facet are reviews. How can hoteliers find a way around this system of pricing and reviews and come out on top? By inculcating good customer loyalty programs.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Room Upgrade

If a customer has been visiting your hotel for quite a while, they could be offered room upgrades. Either suites or rooms with the best view. This will provide more incentive for them to stay with you in the future as well.

  1. Flexible cancellation policy

Customers should freely able to cancel their room reservations, even at the last minute, as a benefit of being part of your hotel’s loyalty program. Last minute issues always come up with hotel customers and this is a great way for people to stay with your hotel.

  1. Vouchers for facilities

Certain facilities such as the spa, private areas and so on are not open to the entire public. By giving vouchers to loyal customers, they will be able to access these facilities. This will increase their customer satisfaction.

  1. Free premium WiFi

Most hotels provide free WiFi but offering your customers premium WiFi through loyalty programs can provide added benefit and value.

  1. Discounts and exclusive offers

Members of your loyalty program should be privy to exclusive offers and discounts on rooms rates, restaurants, facilities and more. These offers can be advertised through a targeted email marketing program for more effectiveness.

  1. Free city tours

Loyal customers who stay in your hotel can be offered free city tours or free access to famous attractions around the city.

Having a loyalty card with points is not the only way to get loyal customers, especially for independents and small groups. Good ol’ customer service will however increase the chances of them coming back or spreading the word.

Ask your CRS provider today about guest loyalty options to you.  If you don’t have any options…. feel free to call ResNet World!

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