Is Your Booking Engine Layout Preventing You from Getting the Sales You Need?

DSC_0519 (1)There are several facets that either motivate or discourage a potential customer from booking directly on your hotel website. Recently Saahil Mehta, the co-founder of ResNet World gave some great tips on driving direct bookings at the Hotel News ME’s GM Leaders’ Conference 2016. Today we’re going to talk about some basic fixes that he discussed for you to undertake which could increase your click-through rates and ultimately drive greater profits.

1) Closed console open console

Did you know? An open booking console converts into sales 9% better than a closed booking console? When your customers have the freedom to check their dates directly on the home page, it saves their time, rather than being directed to another page altogether.

2) Call-to-action button

Your call-to-action button, also known as the “Money-button,” is arguably the most vital part of your booking engine. Therefore, it’s important that you ensure it stands out. Use contrasting colours from the background to optimize conversions. Hotels who use prominent colours increase click-through rates by 15% and ultimately conversions by 16%.

3) Call-to-action verbiage for reservations

What word do you use as a call to action button on your booking engine? Over 70% of the websites we tested had a higher conversion with words such as “Search” & “Check Availability” while words such as “Reserve” have decreased click-throughs by 5%. Popular websites such as and use the former set of words. This is because potential customers like to have a choice and keep their options open and not be pressurized to “reserve” right then and there.

*Statistics are retrieved from Sabre Hospitality Solutions

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