Do You Really Care About Potential Guests Using Mobile Devices?


Every hotel I speak to is clear about one thing – the rise of mobile browsing and bookings is on the rise. In fact, 61% of hotel search[i] queries are done on Mobile, while over one third of Millennials[ii] are highly unforgiving if they encounter issues on an organization’s mobile site.

Although several hotel now have a mobile friendly website or booking engine, the question remains – how mobile friendly are you really? How can you find out?

The solution lies in a wonderful free tool offered by Google called Page Speed Insights.

Here are tips on how you can use this tool:

Test how mobile friendly you are: This tool measures the performance of a page for mobile devices and provides a score from 0-100 (85 and above indicating that the page is performing well). In a nutshell, it measures the time to above-the-fold load, as well as, time to full page load and only considers the network-independent aspects of a page performance.

Get the fixes you require: Google Page Speed Insights gives you suggestions based on the priority of issues to fix. Each suggestion is specific to your website and is given in an easy, as well as, understandable format.

Do the fixes: Once the issues are in front of your eyes, all that’s left is for you to deploy the task of fixing them to your IT team. Make sure you know how to fix them or outsource the process if required.

Now that we know how to use this tool, the question is how did Dubai do? Please note the following, which are key to understand the results:

  1. The list of hotels was taken from Tripadvisor (if you are not listed there, you are as good as invisible). Between Hotels, Specialty Lodging, B&B and Inns, there were 682 establishments
  2. Any hotel not found on the first page of a Google search was omitted. A total of 137 hotels were omitted

And now the results:

  • Average score for Dubai: 52
  • No. of Hotel  with a score of  85 or above: 6
  • No. of Hotels 70 or above: 71
  • No. of Hotels 0 or with error: 27

Conclusion: only 71 establishments care about their potential guests, which represent 10% of the total. Make sure you’re one of them. Try Google Page Speed Insights today.

[i] [Source: Google Internal (January 2012 – August 2015)]

[ii] [Source: Google Consumer Barometer (April 2015). Data for Saudi, US and UAE]

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